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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Nursing Community

     Our goal is not to preach to nurses but rather to empower them.  We strive to empower nurses by sharing evidenced based knowledge, support, and encouragement.  Perhaps one of the most effective ways to lead is merely by example and like the illustration above implies the influence of even just one person can have a rippling affect upon the rest of the world.  

     “Florence Nightingale believed that nurses had a duty to care for their own personal health and to promote health through role-modeling (as quoted in Dossey, 2005). In an annual letter to her nurses she wrote: ‘And how are we to ‘teach’, every one of us? How are we to teach the poor patients, and ourselves, and each other? Not by preaching, but by example, by being it ourselves’” (Hensel, 2011).

     “Under stress, those who drink, isolate themselves, smoke, fight, and the like are not coping adaptively. In contrast, those who talk things out, seek positive social networks, exercise, seek therapy, and use spiritual strategies are coping in a way that can lead to personal growth and adaptation….Resources—maturity and personal growth, self-care, mindfulness, teamwork, love, clear communication, humor and laughter, leadership, relationship, and personal power—are but a few of the endlessly renewable resources at our fingertips even when budgets and staff are being cut. So let us expand ourselves in the ways we can and do more—with more. At least that is how it looks through my holistic lens. How is it looking through yours?” (Jackson, C. 2012)​

    "To become a nurse, individuals must master a body of knowledge surrounding numerous health aspects.  While acquiring the unique knowledge, skills, and values of their profession” (Hensel, 2011).  Nurses, be selfish and take time for yourself to live well, eat properly and exercise regularly.  Eating right, exercising, and taking proper care of yourself reduces stress levels while making you feel better, look better and live longer.  Live a well-balanced and healthy life for the sake of your patients, your family, your friends, your community, the world and most importantly- for yourself!  By being selfish and taking time for yourself you are really not being selfish at all; you are in fact helping your patients, your family, your friends, your community, and the health care system as a whole.  Remember that nursing is more than a profession it is a way of life- lead by example.




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